Ready-Mix Concrete Construction in Guilford

Ready-mix concrete construction in Guilford

Mixing concrete is the most important yet trickiest part of the Construction industry because the strength of the entire structure is dependent on it. At ST concrete we use quality ingredients combined with cutting edge technology to give you the best results. For large commercial construction, we always prefer Ready-mix concrete construction in Guilford as it provides customized solutions to all your construction needs.

We have been in the business for many years and provide excellent construction solutions for both small scale domestic requirements or large scale commercial requirements. With a team of experienced workers and years of hands-on, experience has made us one of the notable construction companies in the UK. Among all our services Ready-mix concrete construction in Guilford is most preferred as it is mixed as per the client's preference and specification within our batching plant and transported straight to the site.

The primary difference between normal concrete and Ready-mix concrete construction in Guilford is the former is mixed on-site whereas the latter is mixed offsite with all the required quantity and proportion and delivered straight to the site using a specialised vehicle. But there are several reasons behind its popularity.

High graded quality concrete

In traditional methods, all the required ingredients for concrete preparation were mixed at the site manually, but our ready mix concrete is prepared in a controlled environment using proper tools and equipment which results in quality concrete with well-balanced ingredients and accurate cement to water ratio.

Less time consuming

Ready-mix concrete saves a lot of time as we prepare it at our batching plant and deliver it straight to the site whereas normal concrete is prepared at the site after getting all the ingredients delivered.


For normal concrete, expenses involved in storing the raw material and buying it separately is too high! Whereas Ready-mix concrete construction in Guilford is much cheaper with good results!

Environment friendly

Mixing concrete on-site in large volumes creates health and environmental hazards altogether.

The mixing process generates a large volume of dust, smoke which is harmful to the lungs and the environment. Whereas Ready-mix concrete construction in Guilford is pre-mixed within the batching plant which eliminates this hazard and also minimises wastage as it is done in a controlled environment with the help of technology.

Versatile application

Our ready mix concrete provides excellent solutions to several construction issues thus making it one of the versatile processes of application and thus our clients always prefer this particular service for their all commercial construction needs.

Minimise the cost associated with life cycle

As pre-mixed concrete is prepared within the scientific environment, it reduces human error and yields excellent results in return. With the accurate proportion of all the ingredients, ready mix concrete provides a strong, durable and promising structure for all construction projects which reduces the life cycle cost.

If you are looking for ready mix services then feel free to connect us as we will be happy to serve you. You can even check our site and go to the online calculator option where you can calculate online for the exact volume of concrete required for your project.