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15 Safety Precautions for Wheelbarrow Use

29/04/2021 | by V1 Technologies

Concrete Wheelbarrow Service

Concrete Wheelbarrow Serviceis a cost-effective solution for transporting concrete and other construction supplies from one place to another place. It reduces manpower and acts as a helping hand to the labour. It is widely used in construction for carrying heavy materials like bricks, blocks, slabs concrete, etc. The model of the wheelbarrow is compressed enough to be fitted easily in compact areas. The best part is it does not require fuel to function and less maintenance is enough. They are safe when used properly. But there are few safety precautions in handling a concrete wheelbarrow. Let’s discuss below in detail.

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Using a Wheelbarrow

1. Mishandling a concrete wheelbarrow will lead to serious injuries despite its basic design that is carelessly handled by the labour. Make sure the person handling the wheelbarrow is well-informed about the usage of the concrete wheelbarrow service on a construction site.

2. Overloading the wheelbarrow will make it trip down with the unbearable load. As it has no top covering it is easier to overload the petite wheelbarrow.

3. Make sure you check the handle frequently, for its grip and also if there is any crack then complaint and get it sorted before handling again. Concrete wheelbarrow service is an excellent way of transporting materials provided you follow all the rules.

4. Verify the nuts and bolts and washers are intact in their place.

5. Ensure before loading there is no bending or cracking in the frame surface.

6. Test whether the braces are in first-class condition.

7. Regularly check the single wheel or double wheel condition and the leg stability, if it is bent or broken.

8. Remove if there is any dried concrete or debris stuck in the body of the wheelbarrow as it will lead to rusting of the body area.

9. Tubeless tires are much efficient than a tube tire in a wheelbarrow, it is better to opt for a tubeless tire for better performance. And check the air frequently and do not use it if there is less air in the tire.

10. Always use standardized safety shoes, knee pads, safety glasses, hard hats, work gloves, and masks for maximum protection. It is best to use them even in case of unexpected accidents. Be careful before you go for concrete wheelbarrow service.

11. Paint the wheelbarrow from time to time as it is made of metal and prone to rust quite often.

12. Verify whether the valve stem cap is installed properly. And also check for weather cracks.

13. Ensure the wheelbarrows are properly serviced by experts. To check for any repair or it requires a replacement.

14. Also inspect the roadway where the wheelbarrows are carried on, as in a construction site there could be several sharp hazardous objects anywhere which could ruin the wheelbarrow and cause accident.

15. Ridge and groove roads will be a challenging task for individual labour to handle a wheelbarrow, it is better to engage two labour in handling in the toughest of the pathway.

With the above guidelines, we hope it helps to handle concrete wheelbarrow service safely and efficiently. Make sure you always keep an eye on the quality and standard of the equipment.