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Ready Mix Concrete: A Detailed Guide

20/05/2021 | by V1 Technologies

Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete is utilized for creating one of the world’s most remarkable structures. It can be found easily throughout the neighbourhood. Due to its extensive strength and versatility, concrete is used as a construction element all over the sphere. Whether it is a large-scale commercial project or a medium-sized building size these days Ready Mix Concrete is a common sight. There are humble benefits of opting for ready mix supplies for your site. But before you choose the kind of concrete you want, select the appropriate supplier for quality products at reasonable prices.

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

It is a type of concrete designed according to a given set of ratios which is then sent to a labour site by a truck mounted with mixers. The concrete mixing process is carried out in factories, unlike the onsite mixes. It is also acknowledged as customized concrete because you can instruct the concrete supplier with your preferred set of concrete mix choices. This history of concrete tells that it was first formulated in the the1930sb but earned popularity in the late 1980s. Now if you look at the current scenario, the market of ready mix concrete is unbelievable!

Concrete is generally of three main types which are:

  • • Transit mixed concrete
  • • Shrink mixed concrete
  • • Central mixed concrete.

These different types of concrete mixes are prepared according to the necessity of the construction site.

How Is Concrete Made?

To manufacture quality ready mix concrete, liquid cement ratio, precipitation content, the dosage of admixture, the automatic plant monitors everything should be suitable. It is composed of sand, cement, water, aggregates, different chemicals which are blended in a given set of proportions at a centrally located plant. They are then delivered to transit mixers without any further treatment. All the elements are tested for excellence according to International Standard Codes.

Trial mixes are carried out and tested by the best concrete supplier in London, ST Concrete. We strive to assure you that all our commodities are outstanding and are compliant with buyers' requirements. Strict testing of raw materials is done. For us, delivering promising quality concrete is the most important aspect regarding the supply of concrete.

Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete

  • • Environmental friendly
  • • One time investment
  • • Reduced wastage
  • • Minimizes the labour expense
  • • Project duration gets decreased
  • • Allows speedy construction
  • • Consistent quality
  • • Minimizes the supervising cost of the site.
  • • Reduces life-cycle cost
  • • Good versatility
  • • Delivery is also convenient

Call us today!

Choosing ST concrete is the fairest option that delivers a decent quality of concrete for your project. We use the recent technologies in our plants to manufacture ready mix concrete . We have hired experienced professionals who are good at dealing with products to curtail the consumer's cost by their years of experience and profound knowledge.

We utilize decent quality machines which produce concrete that boosts the shelf life by eventually diluting human error. Apart from providing the ready mix concrete we also provide on-site concrete, on-site mix screed, line pump, and barrowing services.

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