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Advantages of Professional Concrete Pumping

15/07/2021 | by V1 Technologies

professional concrete pumping

Professional concrete pumping has a lot of benefits. It is due to the positive aspects that the commercial and the domestic clients prefer to hire machinery concrete pumps to transit the liquid concrete. Concrete pumping helps to place the concrete most effectively and accurately. ST Concrete has various choices when it comes to buying construction materials and concrete pumping machines.

What Are The Two Types Of Professional Concrete Pumping?

Concrete pumping can be done with two popular methods:

Boom Pump Concrete- This kind of professional concrete pumping involves the use of remote-controlled robotic arms. This type of machinery is applicable where vast volumes of concrete deposition are required in a short span. It works well for concrete transportation at an elevated height.

Line Pump Concrete- For ground-level concrete deposition, people rely on line pump concrete where the flexible hose pipe is used to transfer concrete from the barrel to the ground. This is appropriate for small domestic projects or the construction of basements and swimming pools.

Both these methods are quicker than the manual process and give you an effective solution to your tedious site work. With their respective benefits, these methods are chosen per the scale of the construction project and the budget.

Advantages Of Using Professional Concrete Pumping

1. Precise Method (Less Wastage)

Using a machine to do the job is easy and an accurate means. The professional concrete pumping ways help you locate the site spot and transfers the supply with a high amount of precision. This means that you eliminate any possible chance of wastage.

2. Quicker than the Manual Process

Considering the manual wheelbarrowing, professional concrete pumping is way more fast-paced. The electronic means to push the concrete mix to the place of requirement is quicker. A lot of human resources are saved, and your project experiences a time boost.

3. Cost-Effective for High Volumes

When you run a project, it not about a few barrels of concrete! You have to deal with a massive amount of concrete and screed on the site, and here is where the professional concrete pumping allows you to save a lot on the cost and expenses. The reduction in human resources helps you cut the wages cost. The professional pumping overcomes the time lag and other disadvantages in the manual methods.

4. Easy Access

Easy access to remote places is the benefit of using professional concrete pumping. Places like narrow lanes or top elevated heights are easily accessed with the help of concrete pumps. Wheelbarrow supplies or human resource has its restrictions and here is where professional aid comes to the rescue.

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