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Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete

29/07/2021 | by V1 Technologies

ready-mix concrete

Site-mix concrete’s popularity has been steadily declining in recent years, while ready-mix concrete has risen in appeal. Only the largest concrete projects appear to necessitate the use of a pump and the attendant chaos that comes with on-site mixing.

Instead of using portland cement, the building sector now uses ready-mix concrete. It accounts for roughly 60% of all concrete manufactured. The following are the five most significant advantages of ready-mix concrete.

● Right Assumption

The biggest advantage of ready mix concrete is that it’s considerably easier to get the exact amount of concrete you’ll need for a job. Buyers of site mix projects have always been advised to overestimate the amount of concrete required for a task, as underestimating could result in everyone’s time being wasted. Buyers of ready-mix alternatives can estimate the size of their project while knowing that adding more later is simple.

● Working Conditions That Become Faster

Ready-mixed concrete sets up much faster than site-mixed concrete. This is mainly due to the fact that ready-mix construction necessitates fewer stages for discharge onto formwork. Our dependable workforce at ST Concrete, for example, is praised for finishing jobs swiftly and efficiently. Companies that specialise in site mixing face greater challenges when it comes to completing a concrete construction. Because many businesses charge by the hour, a productive working atmosphere is essential.

● Enhanced Quality

The significant level of variance that comes with site mix concrete is one of the most serious issues with it. In its mixing procedure, there’s a lot of space for human error, and results differ from project to project. Ready mix concrete, on the other hand, is manufactured in a controlled atmosphere and is always mixed in the same simple manner. In other words, when a company specialises in ready mix, its work history signifies a lot more. There’s little space for error once they’ve mastered the ready-mix procedure.

● Less Material Is Required

The number of additional ingredients required for site mixing is well-known. A site mix project necessitates a large amount of water, admixtures, and aggregates, and storing these materials can compel extra trucks and personnel. Many of the same additional materials are used in a considerably smaller quantity in Ready mix concrete. Many concrete add-ons, in fact, are simply incorporated into the ready-mix formula. Ready-mix, as is the case in most circumstances, encourages a more direct project than site mixing.

● Reduced Reliance on Skilled Workers

Staff that is trained in either driving, mixing, or setting are often required for ready-mix projects. Site mix companies, on the other hand, hire a team of experts to help them negotiate their complex working environment. More expertise, in the end, means more expenses for purchasers. Our employees at ST Concrete has have been trained to complete jobs on time.

Ready mix concrete is, at its most basic level, far easier to work with than traditional site mix alternatives. With the exception of the largest concrete projects, ready mix is gaining popularity in the building industry for good reason.

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