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Maximize Efficiency with On-Site Mixed Concrete

12/08/2021 | by V1 Technologies

on-site mixed concrete

Concrete is a necessity for your construction projects. It is the building foundation, and you need to have the liquid concrete mix in bulk. You can have on-site mixed concrete or can choose to buy ready mix concrete from your nearby concrete suppliers. There are respective pros and cons of both kinds of concrete mixes. So you should carefully choose what suits your requirements. Here are some of the reasons for choosing to mix concrete at your site.

Fresher Produce

When you opt for on-site mixed concrete, you choose to have the fresh concrete mix that is instantly churned in front of you. You can ask your engineers to alter the mixing ratio as per the needs, and you get fresh produce in desired consistency. The liquid concrete that has been made just minutes ago is easily workable and durable.

Much Strong And Quality Driven

The on-site mixed concrete is a rich and quality product that offers strength and durability to your structures. Unlike ready-mix concrete, you do not need to add retarders and other additives to keep the quality of the concrete intact. The solidification takes place naturally, and it cements the components with much strong hold. Many builders and engineers vow for the fresh-made concrete mix as they are superior in quality.

It is Cheaper

When you choose on-site mixed concrete, you save on money. You get the raw materials at your site and mix the liquid concrete in large mixers. This enables you to save a considerable amount of expenditure in your site budget. The engineers with a slim budget and a demand for high-quality concrete often choose to have it mixed at the site.

On-Site Mixed Concrete Is Good For Small Projects

If you have a small project like domestic construction, then procuring ready mix supplies elevates the cost and is not feasible. Small projects need a lesser quantity of building material, and on-site mixed concrete is the best choice. You have complete control over the quality and the quantity.

Easy Customization

With onsite mixing, you get to supervise the entire process, and you can custom make your concrete mix as per requirements. With factory produce, alteration of the raw material ratio is not possible, and you have to adjust with what is delivered by the concrete suppliers. Only when manufacturing is done at your place can you have the final say!

No Transition Costs

The on-site mixed concrete is made and obtained at your site, and you do not have to pay for the unnecessary mounted truck expenses. The overhead costs are eliminated, and you have zero wastage when the entire process is conducted at your site space.

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