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Mastering Floor Screeding: 4 Essential Steps for Success

26/08/2021 | by V1 Technologies

Floor Screed

Flooring and screeding are the crucial aspects of any construction project. It does not just imply pouring the liquid cement mix on the floor, but the mix on site screed should have the perfect composition to get desired results. If the entire poring and application are done incorrectly, it may result in poor quality and lesser durable finish that may cause huge repair costs later on!

Certain factors could be considered before proceeding with the flooring work. The below mentioned 4 tips could help you with the best flooring results that you can expect from the mix on site screed.

1. Choosing The Right Method To Mix Screed

Mix on site screed may seem a simple job, but it's more calculative than it seems. Combining the raw materials in the right ratio and mixing them appropriately with water to achieve a perfectly homogenous mixture is the right way of obtaining a great flooring result. The mixing methods can be customized and adapted as per the availability of the space and workforce. You can choose to have the following techniques of screed mixing at your site:

  • Hand Mixing
  • Freefall mixing
  • Volumetric mixtures

Apart from undergoing for the mix on site screed, you can also order the ready mix screed from ST Concrete . Being the top suppliers in the UK, we make sure to deliver you the best quality of screed mix for reliable and durable strength.

2. Choosing The Right Screed Supplier

With plenty of concrete and screed suppliers in the UK, choosing the right partner hold the key importance. You need to ascertain the quality of the supplies and the experience years of the screed supplier. Rates and prices play an important determinant, and so those can be compared to achieve a cost-effective collaboration. The past projects and the portfolio of the suppliers also give you a fair picture of the mix on site screed supplying company.

3. Selecting The Best Raw Materials

The final product depends on the quality of raw materials used, and so it becomes vital to select the screed ingredients only after a diligent quality check. The quality of sand, gravel, cement, the size of the aggregates and all other factors contribute to obtaining the finest quality of mixture that you expect for a workable routine.

4. Ensuring Correct Pouring And Drying Of The Screed

The next important thing is pouring the screed and the perfect drying of the mixture to ensure no cracks and zero dents. There should not be unnecessary air bubbles, and the layout of the screed should be smooth. Follow these steps for an error-free application.

  • Check And Select The Type Of Screed.
  • Prepare Your Surface Before The Application And Pouring
  • Make Your Site Watertight
  • Ensure The Perfect Ratio Of The Aggregates
  • Channelize The Proper Availability Of Water
  • To Avoid Dry Joints, Pour All Of The Screed At Once
  • Let The Mix Dry For At Least 24 Hours
  • The Site Should Be Kept Clean And Dry During The Whole Process.

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