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Maximizing Efficiency: Ready Mix Concrete Essentials

16/09/2021 | by V1 Technologies

Ready Mix Concrete

‘Concrete’ is a familiar word if you are related to the construction industry. It is the building base that gives strength and shape to your structure. What is more important is that you know the appropriate uses and the benefits of using ready mix concrete for your site. The proper application, the alternatives, and the quality all decide the end result. So let us have a brief understanding of all these factors.

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is premixed concrete that is manufactured in the batch plant and is customised as per the client’s specification. The amount and ratio of cement, water, admixture, gravel, and aggregates are decided, and a uniform mix is prepared in the giant plants.

An excellent concrete supplier in the UK will only charge you for the amount of concrete that you order, and hence, you will be able to keep the order quantity and costs within your control. The ready mix concrete is then transported to the sites in mounted trucks.

Difference between Ready Mix and Onsite Mix Concrete

Both the kinds of concrete have their respective use and advantages. It all depends on your requirements, which concrete mix will suit you the best. The onsite mix concrete is the traditional way of getting all the raw materials at your site and preparing batches of fresh concrete in giant mixers.

On the other hand, the ready mix concrete is prepared off-site in industrial plants, and here you cannot watch the mixing process, but you get exactly what you ask for. The concrete mixed in factories is homogeneous, and there is no chance of quality compromise.

Key Advantages Of ready Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete has numerous advantages, and some are mentioned below:

  • It is cost-effective, and if you are involved in large-scale construction, it makes sense to order the prepared supply rather than juggle the batch mixing in-house.
  • Ready-mix supplies are a faster form of procuring concrete. As the entire system is mechanized, the work is quicker, and bulk can be prepared at one go!
  • You can control the quality and have a superior concrete mixture. The engineers set the batch mix with the appropriate ratio, and the motorized system eliminates any chance of human flaw.
  • Ready-mix concrete saves a lot of time, and you can proceed with your work at a faster rate.
  • Last but most important, it is an eco-friendly method of concrete mixing. It reduces pollution and unnecessary noise.

Application of the Concrete

With multiple projects having versatile needs, you can have no fixed way of using the concrete mix. You need to check the consistency and adjust the water and other components. Proper storage has to be designated for the storage of ready mix concrete. Moreover, the line pump concrete or the boom pumphelps in an appropriate concrete deposition at the site.

ST Concreteis a remarkable supplier of ready mix concrete in the UK, and all you can expect is quality at a base price. For further details about our supplies, kindly connect with our team or visit our website!

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