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Harnessing the Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete

07/10/2021 | by V1 Technologies

Ready Mix Concrete

The durability of a structure depends on the materials and the efforts that go into it! It is no hidden fact that most engineers and builders are shifting focus to ready mix concrete rather than opting to get the mixture prepared on the site. It is for the reasons that the premixed concrete is cheaper in cost and superior in quality. It can be availed of in bulk at a faster pace. This enables the project workers to complete the work at the designated time.

But there hovers a curiosity about how the concrete suppliers create a uniform mix of the concrete in the batch plant. The huge factories for procuring mixed concrete are equipped with all the tools and infrastructure to offer a consistent concrete supply. The highly mechanized machinery eliminates the chance of error, and you get the perfect output each time.

How is Ready Mix Concrete Made?

Ready Mix Concrete comprises cement, water and aggregates combining stone pieces, sand and gravel. All the products are mixed to form a fine paste. These ready mixtures are homogeneous as they are vigorously churned in batch plants. If needed, the manufacturer also adds admixtures to increase or decrease the setting time of the concrete paste. The engineer determines all the products and decides carefully so that the mix is of optimum workability.

What is the Appropriate Concrete Mixing Ratio?

Ready-mix concrete is tailor-made as per the client’s requirement, but the standard ratio is:

• Cement- 10-15%

• Water- 20-25%

• Aggregates- 60-70%

Many concrete suppliers in London also add additives to the premixed concrete to increase or decrease the settling time. This is done as per the project and the transition period to the site.

Some Advantages of Buying the Ready Mix Concrete

With innumerable advantages and benefits, ready mix cement mix is a favourite among engineers and site builders. There are many great reasons the readymade concrete is the best choice:

1. Cost Saviour

If you have a constrained budget or are looking for some cost-cutting measures, then ready mix concreteis the right choice for your project. The cost of labour and raw material that goes into on-site mixing is way above what you incur in procuring readymade concrete supplies.

2. Supreme Quality

The factory production of concrete is made of inappropriate machinery under the constant supervision of the engineers. This rule out errors and flaws, and you get the proper homogenous mixture as per your desired requirement.

3. Quick and Easy Supplies

The next good thing about ready mix concreteis ordering it just the day you want to use it. This swiftness in concrete delivery eliminates time wastage, and you can go ahead to finish the work on time.

4. Environmental Friendly

But not least, the ready-mix supplies are eco-friendly and do not cause any pollution or damage to the environment.

If you are undergoing a construction work or are planning for the same in the near future, ST Concrete will be the best supplier to discuss your requisites with!

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