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Professional Concrete Pumping

09/12/2021 | by V1 Technologies

The Right Selection of Professional Concrete Pumping Plays a Key Role

Professional concrete pumping transports liquid concrete from a concrete supply source to a casting location. This article briefly presents the fundamental concept, kinds, and selection of concrete pumps based on work.

Concrete Pumps Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Professional concrete pumping has been designed based on pumping pressure, the convenience of use, and new technology. Concrete pumps are classified as follows:

• Line Pump Concrete

• Boom Pump Concrete

1. Concrete Boom Pump

Concrete Boom Pump remains in the same position for the duration of a construction project's concrete pouring. As a result, they are concrete pumps that are permanently installed. They are more significant in size and are put on the ground. These have various lengths of the crane or boom arm connected to them.

The pipeline can reach along, above, and below, thanks to concrete boom pumps’ design. As a result, these professional concrete pumping might cast accurately. Such pumps can readily overcome obstacles in the concrete casting process.

2. Concrete Line Pumps

Concrete line pumps are tiny, portable machines ideal for modest construction jobs such as domestic projects. A line pump is mounted to the vehicle's rear end or trailer in this setup. As a result, the setup is also known as a trailer-mounted concrete pump or a truck-mounted concrete pump.

What Should You Look for in a Professional Concrete Pumping?

The concrete pump is chosen depending on the project's needs. The following characteristics are used to determine a reasonable and appropriate concrete pump:

• The Manufacturer And the USP

• Function Of A Concrete Pump

• Construction Project’s Difficulty In Terms Of Casting

• Price Considerations

Find a Suitable Concrete Pump Manufacturer

Choose the best concrete supplier in the area. For this, consult local contractors and get guidance from any renowned manufacturers. ST Concrete is a renowned name in the UK when it comes to professional concrete pumping.

Selection can be made as per the broad range of alternatives that is now available online. Check out the top-rated concrete pump companies and the feedback they've received.

Work-Related Concrete Pump Selection

When choosing a concrete pump for a specific job, two key aspects are taken into account:

• Concrete Volumetric Output

• The Pumping Force

The severity of the task determines the maximum volumetric concrete production necessary per hour for concrete construction. The power of the concrete pump's drive unit is determined by the intended concrete production (Q) and the pumping pressure (P). The hydraulic output (H) is then calculated as follows:

The concrete pump stated above may be chosen depending on the various building projects.

1. For large road and highway projects, a boom or truck-mounted concrete pump is the ideal option.

2. Aboom pump concreteis the ideal solution for concrete pouring at various elevations and restricted space for concrete pouring.

3. Boom concrete pumps may install two or three robotic pump lines that serve as a multi-purpose robotic arm, reducing the number of workers required.

4. A line pump concrete or a stationary concrete pump is used for the building of sidewalks or slabs. The stationary pump is used if just a modest volume of concrete has to be pumped.

To discuss your requirements, talk to experts! ST Concrete has solution to all your construction site needs!

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